June Progress Report

Here’s my June progress report to show how I’m doing in my photography side hustle. I skipped the May report as there wasn’t a lot to say.

TL;DR> Falling behind.

The numbers are as of June 1, 2016.

Goal Review

I have five goals for my photography side hustle in 2016:

  1. Gross income of $1,200
  2. Stock photography income of $50/month by end of year
  3. Net income of $700
  4. 2 paid work for hire gigs
  5. Write and publish one eBook

Here we go.

Gross Income

The gross income I’ve received is $426.31. If you look at that as 5/12 of what I need to reach my $1,200 goal, I’m below target.

I really only had one source of income for the period covered by this report, but it was a good one – I released my eBook!

I had some strong sales of the book, mostly at a discounted price. I’ll write another post about the eBook process but I’ll sum up by saying that I was pleased by the response. I’m encouraged and ready to start on another one.

I’ll talk about stock photography below, but suffice it to say that I should see a payout in a couple of months at the current rate.


Stock Photography Income

April was pretty flat but May was strong with USD $17.51 in sales, my best month ever. Shutterstock was the strong agency, responsible for more than half of that. For most of the month I was selling at least one image a day through them!

I’m still way behind on submitting stock photos.


Net Income

My net income is growing positive, so it’s looking pretty good!


Work For Hire Gigs

No luck on the work for hire gigs yet but I’m not going to call it a failure yet.

Score: POOR

Write and Publish eBook

This one is done and done. You can buy it here! (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

I was very pleased by the response. I didn’t do a lot of lead-up advertising but when I released it, I had several people very excited and eager to purchase it and also to share the link to their friends. Sales were strong through Gumroad and I only had one return. Who returns an eBook? (shrug)

Related to writing, I had a second article published in a Canadian rail magazine! My photo was on the cover of the magazine again and I think it looked great. I haven’t started on a third one but I have the topic in hand.



I feel that I am falling behind  – I am failing at a couple, fair for one, on track for one, and one goal has been achieved. I’m starting to get concerned. I think next month will turn the tide for the better… I have a good feeling.

Steps For The Rest of April

  • Update portfolio
  • Submit more stock photos
  • Look for paid gigs more aggressively