August Progress Report

White Lighthouse at Cape Spear Newfoundland
White Lighthouse at Cape Spear Newfoundland

Here’s my August progress report to show how I’m doing in my photography side hustle. I skipped the July report as there wasn’t a lot to say.

TL;DR> Definitely falling behind.

The numbers are as of August 1, 2016.

Goal Review

I have five goals for my photography side hustle in 2016:

  1. Gross income of $1,200
  2. Stock photography income of $50/month by end of year
  3. Net income of $700
  4. 2 paid work for hire gigs
  5. Write and publish one eBook

Here we go.

Gross Income

The gross income I’ve received is $543.38. If you look at that as 7/12 of what I need to reach my $1,200 goal, I’m definitely below target.

I did have income from several sources, which was good…

  1. I sold several images for use in railway training manuals. I was contacted out of the blue for a couple of images, and after some conversation I found a few more photos in my catalogue that they could also use. I’m never quite certain what to charge for images like this. In the past I have been contacted for images and apparently quoted too much, because they disappeared without buying; here I may have priced them too low.
  2. Big news, I received my first stock photo payment! Shutterstock sales were strong and I received USD $39.14 as my first income from stock photography.
  3. I sold another eBook and that put me over the threshold to get another payment from Gumroad.
  4. Redbubble changed their payment terms to eliminate the minimum payment amount, so I received the $1.46 that was sitting in my account. Big money!


Stock Photography Income

June was my best month ever (USD $23.29), mostly due to Shutterstock, and July was good too at USD $17.91, although Shutterstock really slumped. As I said above, Shutterstock paid me!

iStock income is improving as they review more images.

I submitted a lot more stock photos in this period so I hope that translates into higher income in the months ahead. I was on vacation in July and that resulted in some good stock photos that were accepted.


Net Income

My net income is continuing to increase. I’m not sure if it will hit my goal of $700 for the year yet.


Work For Hire Gigs

No luck on the work for hire gigs. I applied for a gig last month and received no reply at all, which was disappointing. I’ll keep at it.


Write and Publish eBook

I’m working hard on my third article to be published. I do think this could be turned into another book, especially since a friend wants to co-write it with me!



I feel that I am definitely falling behind  – I am failing at a couple, fair for one, on track for one, and one goal has been achieved.

Steps For The Rest of August

  • Update portfolio – I keep saying this, and I need to get on it!
  • Submit more stock photos
  • Look for paid gigs more aggressively