5 Reasons you should start a Photography Business

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The first reason is…

Start a Side-hustle

If you need extra money to pay for a vacation, a car, or financially keep your head above water, starting a part-time photography business is a relatively simple way to do it.

Most people think of family portraits and weddings when considering starting a business. But it could be anything. If you take a photo and it makes someone want to buy it, you have a potential business. Think about what local businesses, sports teams, and social clubs need.

A photography side hustle can be shooting anything from newborn babies to landscapes, products to local street signs. The best choice is the one that makes you happy, makes enough money, and uses the minimum amount of your time.

Let’s compare weddings to headshots. 

Weddings have multiple touchpoints with the customer. Booking, planning, checking out the church and venue, a full day of shooting, etc.  On top of that, you have hours of editing the images and discussing the products available. Yes, you can charge a good amount for a wedding, but it will take up many hours of your precious time.

Headshot photography is a lot less intensive. A typical session is 30 minutes to an hour. You can discuss which images they like and wish to purchase at the end of the session. Editing will be limited to maybe 1 to 3 images, which might take 30 minutes to 1 hour. I think you can make more money per hour of work as a headshot photographer compared to a wedding photographer.

When you set up a side hustle you don’t want to put all your eggs into one basket. Spread your income out between customers, and choose something that doesn’t take up your precious time. 

Lifestyle change 

Over the last couple of years, I’ve heard lots of stories of people changing their line of work. The pandemic has made us all think about our situations. People working from home have realized they could live anywhere and still be able to work. In situations where people were unable to do their jobs, starting a business has looked like a great option.

If you are looking to start a photography business, as we come out of the pandemic, it’s a perfect time. Learn how to use your camera, and you could be shooting professionally in a few months.

Working hours

I want you to imagine this… Imagine a job where you decide how many hours you will work and how much money you will earn doing it. 

That’s what is available to you if you have your own photography business. 

If you are thinking of shooting weddings you can forget about the choosing hours bit. I think you’re going to be working a full day on Saturdays. 

Wow! I really do have a downer on shooting weddings.

When you are working for someone else they set your hours and pay. If you started a product photography business you could choose to do all your sessions and editing on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, then take the rest of the week off.

The point I’m trying to get across is you can set all the rules and decide how many hours you want to work. 

Expand your network

You might not think this is a good reason to start a photography business, but you are going to meet lots of people you have never met before. These people have jobs that are different from yours, such as plumbers, electricians, bankers, etc. At some point, you are going to need help from some of these people and will hire them. By working with them you are going to strengthen the bond you have with them. In turn, they will refer their friends and colleagues to you. 

By expanding your network you are opening the door to new opportunities. Every so often an opportunity comes along that is too good to miss. It might be an opportunity to invest in a new business or start a new business with someone in your network. 

If you were still working for someone else these chances to expand your horizons wouldn’t happen very often.

Create your own style

When you start your own photography business you have the opportunity to decide the creative direction you want to take. 

Remember, there is no one telling you what the final image should look like. You are in total control of your photography. Think about what makes you happy.

You might want to shoot…

  • Weddings and Portraits but only in Black and white. 
  • Only dog photography
  • Only classic cars
  • Produce only collages
  • Sell only wall art

Your options and boundaries are endless. Try to be different, go for it, and niche (or NITCH) down. It’s better to go 1 inch wide and a mile deep, than a mile wide and 1 inch deep. Don’t try to please everyone, do it your way and sell to people that like your work.

Running your own business and producing what you love to do will make your life so much better. 

Ok, so those are my 5 reasons to start a photography business.