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The Facebook Group  TranscriptIf you shoot sports and missed last week’s episode with Jack Beasley, you really should give it a listen. I’ll put a link to his YouTube channel in the show notes. He has an interview with yours truly, and I have to say it has...


The Facebook Group   The Jack Beasley Interview - Sports photographer and YouTuber YouTube Channel InstagramTranscriptJack Beasley Interview Andy: [00:00:00] Hey, how's it going? I'm Andy Jones, and this is episode 152 of the Photography Side...


The Facebook Group   The Suzanne Hawken Interview - From Zero to Full-time in One Year SheShootsShots.comTranscriptEpisode 151 Suzanne Hawken Interview - From Zero to Full-time in One Year Andy: [00:00:00] Hey, how's it going? I'm Andy Jones, and this is episode...


TranscriptBefore I get started, I want to mention something that Josh Rice brought up in the Facebook group. It concerns buying used camera bodies. He was checking out one of the big dealers' websites and saw two Canon 5D mk3 DSLR bodies listed at the same price, so...


Mentioned in this EpisodeTaylor Jackson ConvertKit - Free for a 1000 email listTranscriptThis week, Rob from Montreal asked me, “How should he get started, and what would I do if I were just starting out?” So, the first thing that I thought of was, I would … Work on...


Mentioned in this EpisodeConvertKit - Free for a 1000 email listTranscript12 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Photography Business Ok, let’s get started.   1)  You are not just a photographer At the beginning of your photography side hustle, you will...