April Progress Report

April Progress Report
April Progress Report

Here’s my April progress report to show how I’m doing in my photography side hustle.

TL;DR> Staying the course.

The numbers are as of April 1, 2016.

Goal Review

I have five goals for my photography side hustle in 2016:

  1. Gross income of $1,200
  2. Stock photography income of $50/month by end of year
  3. Net income of $700
  4. 2 paid work for hire gigs
  5. Write and publish one eBook

Here we go.

Gross Income

The gross income I’ve received is $337.17. If you look at that as 3/12 of what I need to reach my $1,200 goal, I’m on target.

Two things brought my income right on target.

One, I received an AdSense payment! AdSense is not a large income earner for me by any means. My AdSense income has been pretty small and it takes several months before I get a payment. If you look at my 2015 income, AdSense represented less than 30% of my side hustle income.  It is currently about the same percentage for this year, but I expect that to drop because I’ll probably only receive one more ~$100 payment before the end of 2016. Good thing it’s in US dollars!

My second slug of income for March was an image sale that came from Instagram! I was very surprised to get any income from that route. One of my Instagram followers liked my photos and contacted me to ask if any were for sale. We messaged back and forth and we agreed on a price for 5 digital images. Once the payment went through, I sent her the full size, edited images and she printed them and framed them, and sent me a nice photo of her photo wall. I’m glad she and her husband (who both work for a railway) like them.

I have some stock photography money in the pipeline, but until I add a lot more photos to generate greater income, I won’t be seeing any payouts for many months.

I have a Gumroad video sale in the pipeline that should be paid out in April. It’s been a long time since I sold a copy of my Chaleur train video, so it was nice to see a sale this month. True passive income!

This was a good month for income.



Stock Photography Income

My stock income stayed pretty flat – I accumulated USD $9.73 in March 2016. I’m a little disappointed.

I’m still way behind on submitting stock photos.


Net Income

My net income is barely negative as of the end of March, so it’s looking pretty good!



Work For Hire Gigs

No luck on the work for hire gigs yet but I’m not going to call it a failure yet.

Score: FAIR

Write and Publish eBook

I’ve finished my first eBook. I’ve had a few people look at it and they like it. I am just waiting for one or two more images from a friend, and then I will click “publish”. I’ll be starting the marketing process in a week or so.

I had my first article published in a Canadian rail magazine! I’m very excited and happy with its reception. The second article is finished and submitted; I don’t know when it will be published. I have the topic for the third one but I haven’t started writing and I don’t expect to start for a few more weeks. I hope to take that article research and expand it into a second eBook.

Hopefully by next month’s report, I’ll have income to report from my eBook!




So far, staying the course – failing at 1, fair for 1, and on track for 3 of my goals. I’m not too concerned yet but I need to work a bit harder, especially on the stock photography.

Steps For The Rest of April

  • Update portfolio
  • Submit more stock photos
  • Publish the first eBook
  • Look for paid gigs more aggressively