Crowdfire Review

Crowdfire is an app that you can use to increase your social marketing reach. It connects with your social networks and gives you tasks to do to increase your engagement and gain followers. In this review I’ll discuss how I use it and what I’ve gained from using it.

I am reviewing this app because I use it, like it and want to recommend it. I have received no compensation of any form to write this review.

How It Works

After downloading the app, you connect your various social networks to the app so it can view your followers and post on your behalf. Currently it supports:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Etsy
  • Shopify
  • YouTube
  • WordPress
  • and more

Once you connect the networks, it’s time to get to work!

The Nag

Every day the app prompts you to do a set of “prescriptions” to extend your reach. It starts with a “report card” to show the follows, unfollows, and other activities that have happened on your various social networks in the last day.

Crowdfire Report Card
Crowdfire Report Card

The current set of prescriptions include:

  • Share your own posts
  • Share suggested posts
  • Share images
  • Follow people tweeting about your keyword
  • Like Instagram photos

Crowdfire suggests posts and videos from your feed. It usually suggests the most recent posts but sometimes it goes deep into the archives.

Share your own posts
Share your own posts

You can tell Crowdfire to stop suggesting any particular post for 10 days, or never prompt you again. You tend to have to do that after a while to avoid sharing the same posts over and over again.

I find the prompts for sharing others’ posts particularly valuable. You want to keep your Twitter feed from being “me, me me!” and share a lot of posts. Crowdfire’s suggestions are based on the keywords you give it, so you’ll want to pay particular attention to that.

Share others' posts in Crowdfire
Share others’ posts in Crowdfire

You can skip any of these prescriptions – note the Skip button at top right of each screen. If you keep skipping them day after day, Crowdfire will ask if you want to suspend that prescription for a while.

When to Share

Crowdfire gives you a lot of choices on when to share content – yours or anyone else’s.

When to share
When to share

I usually “post at best time” but sometimes I will post it immediately, if I haven’t posted anything recently. One thing I have noticed is that if you schedule several posts to “post at best time”, they clump together and are posted together. I would prefer that Crowdfire spread them out a bit.

Connect Your Content

In my opinion, the best feature of Crowdfire is how it watches your content feeds and immediately prompts you to share what you’ve produced. I’ve set it to watch my YouTube channel and my blog feeds, and as soon as I publish something, it’s prompting me to share it on social media.

Crowdfire share prompt
Crowdfire share prompt

Crowdfire makes it super easy to share them, too.

It has a post already written and all you have to do is click Share. You can always edit the post to put it in your own words if you wish.

The Good

  • I love that Crowdfire prompts me to share my posts immediately after I write a post.
  • I like the prompting to share others’ content.
  • I like that it prewrites my posts.

The Bad

  • I wish I could get it to prompt me to share only a couple of times a week instead of daily.
  • I wish I could permanently disable some prescriptions. I don’t ever want to share others’ images so I keep postponing that.
  • The prewritten posts are a little “cute” and I usually trim off everything except the post name. I don’t find them to be very professional.


Crowdfire shows you a number of posts to share, but it is limited. If you keep scrolling down, you’ll find this:

Crowdfire Plus prompt
Crowdfire Plus prompt

I tried to find out what the Crowdfire Plus pricing was (via Twitter), and they sent me to this link, which shows the pricing when you click the Login prompt at top right.

The basic (free) subscription allows you to link one account per social network (1 Twitter, 1 Instagram, etc.) and it limits some features, as I explained above.

The Plus version (currently $4.99/month) doubles the number of accounts per social network and removes the limits. The Premium and VIP levels increase the number of accounts/network and removes the Crowdfire branding that the Free and Plus versions have.


Crowdfire is a very useful application for anyone who is serious about posting regularly on social networks to advance their business. I recommend it to anyone who frequently posts on a variety of social networks.

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