March Progress Report

March Progress Report
March Progress Report

Here’s my March progress report to show how I’m doing in my photography side hustle.

TL;DR> So far, so good.

The numbers are as of March 1, 2016.

Goal Review

I have five goals for my photography side hustle in 2016:

  1. Gross income of $1,200
  2. Stock photography income of $50/month by end of year
  3. Net income of $700
  4. 2 paid work for hire gigs
  5. Write and publish one eBook

Here we go.

Gross Income

The gross income I’ve received is $185.82. If you look at that as 2/12 of what I need to reach my $1,200 goal, I’m pretty close.

I finally received my payment from 500px for selling an image there (this one) after filling out my W8 form. If you’re a Canadian you’ll find that you have to fill one of these out for pretty much any kind of online income now. They declare that you’re not a US citizen and therefore generally not subject to withholding tax.

I also received the last of my calendar sales from Lulu. That’s done until the fall!

Finally, a friend asked me to help him with his web site, so I am hosting it on the same hosting platform (Pair Networks – affiliate link) as my own sites and charging him a low rate. We all benefit!

I have some stock photography money in the pipeline, nowhere near the minimum payouts yet; I sold some images in early March that will be on next month’s payout; and there are a few other pending things that will hopefully land soon.

So, doing well this month.



Stock Photography Income

My stock income improved – I accumulated USD $10.53 in February 2016. It started out very strong and continued to do pretty well through the month. I’m satisfied with that progress.

I’m still behind on submitting stock photos. I have been trickling some through but not at the rate that I would like. I need to work on that.


Net Income

My net income is still negative but I hope to hit positive numbers by the end of this month or maybe April.


Work For Hire Gigs

No luck on the work for hire gigs yet but I’m not going to call it a failure yet.


Write and Publish eBook

I’ve done a lot of work on my first eBook. I still have a bit of fact checking to do and select some photos and then I can click “publish”. I’m considering this one to be a trial run so I am not putting a lot of income hopes on it… it’s more to learn the ropes and gain some experience.

I was a bit distracted this month because I was writing an article for a Canadian rail magazine. I’ve already submitted one that I hope will come out this month and the second one (just submitted a couple of days ago) will hopefully come out later this year. I’m not getting paid for either one but I think it will be good exposure and look good on my resume / web site.

Since I haven’t actually published the eBook yet, I’ll call this:



So far, improving – failing at 1, fair for 1, and on track for 3 of my goals. I’m not too concerned yet but I need to work a bit harder.

Steps For March

  • Update portfolio
  • Submit more stock photos
  • Finish the first eBook
  • Poll followers for eBook topics
  • Look for paid gigs more aggressively