My Experience With Pinterest

I choose to spend most of my social networking time on Facebook and Instagram, less so on Twitter, and practically never on Pinterest.

However, I do “pin” on Pinterest. I do this with the hope that it will drive some traffic to my sites.

Pinterest is a very visual site, so I post photos of trains and grain elevators, hoping that people will click through to visit my site and maybe stay there a while.

How’s that working out?

Let’s look at the two main sites I’m pinning for – and

Google is the source of 2/3 of the traffic for, which isn’t a surprise to me. I’ve established the site as a good authority on Canadian trains and I get a lot of random visitors searching for information on railways in Canada.

That Pinterest traffic, though – 0.3%! I’m surprised at how low it is.

For Grain Elevators of Canada, Pinterest brought 0.4% of all traffic to my site.



Currently Pinterest brings a relatively insignificant amount of traffic to my sites.

Based on that, I don’t think it is worth investing my time in trying to grow it. Even if I spent the time to double the referral traffic from Pinterest, it still wouldn’t be significant. My time is better spent improving SEO.

I think the topics that my sites cover (grain elevators and trains) isn’t really well suited for Pinterest. Do-it-yourself sites, recipe sites, home decor sites – those are a better match for Pinterest.